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 We started like most new rockhounds, buying rocks & slabs, saws, equipment, tumblers, wheels, compound, etc. We've attended local classes, William Holland School of Lapidary in Georgia, joined local rock and mineral clubs and online classes. We've done all this as a passionate hobby for the love of rocks. There are no two alike! The age, compounds, structures, watermarks, fracture lines, crystal pockets, bands, colors, patterns that tell us so much about history, culture, myths and fables, healing powers and spirituality. it is our passion to create something beautiful for you from rocks. 

Jim wakes up every morning excited to get out to our lanai turned shop, getting his techniques perfected, trying agates, then jaspers and quartz. Then he took to the challenges of Jade and Obsidian, working forumlas to get the right polish. Every slab that created challenges, he worked even harder to greet the challenges head on to master his craft. After a while, slabs weren't challenging enough, so Jim wanted the whole rock. He started searching for rocks where he could get inside them to see what was really there. He now buys whole rocks just to see what surprises are inside. He keeps the slabs he wants to work with and cuts the rest into slabs for you to enjoy.

We are a tiny business who loves what we do!

We are a Grandpa & Grandma Shop to help maintain our golden years and enjoy our hobby. 

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Among our hand crafted jewelry are pendants, earrings, cuffs, bracelets, rings and sets.